The application has three parts – a student section for you to complete, a teacher section for your supporting teacher to complete, and a school report.

General information

  • Student name, date of birth, gender and contact details including school name and location
  • Parent/Guardian name and contact details
  • Nominated supporting teacher contact details including school name and location

Student - specific questions

Responses to each question should be at least a paragraph.

  1. Why would you like to attend ASSETS? What do you hope to gain by participating in the program?
  2. What will you contribute to the ASSETS program?
  3. Tell us what excites you about STEM. What subjects are you most interested in and why?
  4. What STEM activities are you currently involved in? (e.g. extra curricular activities, personal hobbies, career aspirations, science magazines/blogs, robotics, technology, etc.)
  5. Which ASSETS location would you like to attend and why? (Please indicate, in order of preference, which location you would like to attend and briefly tell us why e.g. interested in topics at that location, want to travel to a new place, these are the only dates I'm available etc).
    • Townsville: 13-21 December 2018 - Fire Ecology and Marine Biology
    • Newcastle: 3-11 January 2019 - Renewable Energy and Water Chemistry
    • Adelaide: 13-21 January 2019 - Environmental Assessment and Food Nutrition

Teacher - specific questions

  1. Indicate the applicant's ability in the following areas with a rating and comments (One is a very low level of competence, three is average and five is a very high level of competence):
    • Enthusiastically engage in science learning
    • Enthusiastically engage in maths learning
    • Engage socially in new surroundings
    • Work collaboratively
    • Take personal responsibility
    • Speak and present in public
    • Persist in challenging tasks
    • Provide leadership when appropriate
  2. What do you think this student can contribute to the ASSETS program? (e.g. leadership, team player etc.)
  3. Any other information that may be relevant to this application.

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