The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student Science Award recognises students who are able to demonstrate passion, engagement and improvement in science and who have used the science inquiry process to solve a real-life problem. Two winners will be awarded.

Students who are participating in science programs such as but not limited to the Inquiry for Indigenous Science Students (I2S2) or Science Pathways for Indigenous Communities are encouraged to apply.

To be eligible for this award the nominee has to:

  • identify as an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person
  • be enrolled in years 5-9 at school
  • be able to demonstrate engagement and improvement in science
  • has completed or be in the process of completing a science inquiry to solve a real life problem or complete a real-life investigation
  • be able to demonstrate a passion in science (please note, this criterion must be answered by the student themselves and must include why they like science and any involvement in extra-curricular activities)

The prize for these awards is $1250 per winner.

Apply for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student Science Award

Previous winners have been Sha-Kira Austin, Deklan, Willow Wells and Boyden George.

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