Investigate kinetic and heat energy through traditional fire starting methods with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge of energy.

Curriculum Content Descriptors

Science Understanding

Physical sciences
Energy appears in different forms, including movement (kinetic energy), heat and potential energy, and energy transformations and transfers cause change within systems (ACSSU155 )

Science as a Human Endeavour

Use and influence of science
People use science understanding and skills in their occupations and these have influenced the development of practices in areas of human activity (ACSHE136 )

Science Inquiry Skills

Questioning and predicting
Identify questions and problems that can be investigated scientifically and make predictions based on scientific knowledge (ACSIS139 )

Planning and conducting
Collaboratively and individually plan and conduct a range of investigation types, including fieldwork and experiments, ensuring safety and ethical guidelines are followed (ACSIS140 )

Measure and control variables, select equipment appropriate to the task and collect data with accuracy (ACSIS141 )

Processing and analysing data and information

Construct and use a range of representations, including graphs, keys and models to represent and analyse patterns or relationships in data using digital technologies as appropriate (ACSIS144 )

Summarise data, from students’ own investigations and secondary sources, and use scientific understanding to identify relationships and draw conclusions based on evidence (ACSIS145 )

Communicate ideas, findings and evidence-based solutions to problems using scientific language, and representations, using digital technologies as appropriate (ACSIS148 )

New elaboration - investigating traditional fire-starting methods used by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and their understanding of the transformation of energy (OI.5, OI.7)

Inquiry questions to be investigated?
Scaffolded inquiry

  • Is the drill stick or fire saw method the most efficient in producing fire?

Guided inquiries

  • Investigating which is the best combination of wood to start a fire.
  • Investigating which is the best tinder for catching fire.

Aboriginal Peoples’ and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ long held understanding of energy forms, including kinetic energy and heat energy informed traditional fire starting methods.

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