The program is comprised of two interrelated components: Foundational Knowledge; and Implementation and Extension of Knowledge.

Glenala students working on burn and grow inquiry

Glenala students working on burn and grow inquiry

Foundational Knowledge

The Foundational Knowledge component of the program is comprised of five self-paced online modules (that take approximately five hours in total).

  1. Cultural Considerations
  2. Teaching Science Inquiry Skills
  3. Embedding Effective Pedagogical Practices
  4. Teaching with Traditional Context
  5. Strengthening School Community Partnerships.

Once these five modules are complete, participants are given access to I2S2 inquiry resources and materials that can be used in different teaching contexts.

Implementation and Extension of Knowledge

The Implementation and Extension of Knowledge component of the program consists of an Implementation Project that is comprised of three parts:

  1. Embedding Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander contexts
  2. Reflecting on I2S2 implementation
  3. Student achievement data entry

The Implementation Project encourages participants to reflect on the five online modules and apply their learning through implementation of the I2S2 inquiry. It provides a framework for participants to gauge the effectiveness of the inquiry in relation to students' achievement and engagement results. The Project takes approximately five hours in total to complete. 

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