PRIME Futures targets Foundation to Year 9 students in mainstream metropolitan and regional schools and uses the YuMi Deadly Maths (YDM) approach to improve student outcomes in mathematics.

PRIME Futures is delivered by the Queensland University of Technology's YuMi Deadly Centre . YuMi Deadly Maths aligns with the Australian Curriculum and encourages schools to involve parents and community in mathematics learning. It uses a train-the-trainer model that includes the following components.

YDC Director, Professor Tom Cooper

YDC Director, Professor Tom Cooper, says the program gives Indigenous students an edge in mathematics education.

Professional development

Teachers are equipped with the necessary knowledge of mathematics, mathematics education and lesson planning to be able to make teaching decisions based on the particular needs of their students.

There is a focus on increasing teachers' capacity to engage with Indigenous students and deliver mathematics education in an Indigenous context.


Eight resource books – Overview, Number, Operations, Algebra, Measurement, Geometry, Statistics and Probability, and Review – are provided with information on the YuMi Deadly Maths approach to teaching mathematics and ideas on how to implement this approach.

Online and telephone support and access to websites

Teachers are provided with access to materials and support through the YuMi Deadly Centre website, a QUT Community Blackboard site (an online virtual learning environment) and via telephone and email with YuMi Deadly Centre mathematics education practitioners.

Action research and data collection

Teachers are provided with training in taking an action research approach to their in-school work. Teachers are encouraged to contribute reflective journals and reports containing evidence of their progress.

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