Science Pathways for Indigenous Communities works with remote schools and communities to develop integrated Two-way Science learning programs that connect Indigenous ecological knowledge with Western science and the Australian Curriculum.

Country to classroom

Science Pathways for Indigenous Communities uses a Two-way Science teaching and learning cycle that builds on the engagement and knowledge of students and communities to form part of the learning program at school before and after learning on country.

Community engagement

Science Pathways for Indigenous Communities Two-way teaching and learning cycle.

A Two-way Science approach fosters Indigenous leadership and builds positive relationships between the school and the community. A facilitator supports schools and communities to develop a Two-way Science program based on the strengths and opportunities in the local area including partnerships with Indigenous ranger groups, scientists and land management organisations.

Adult learning program

The adult learning program provides professional development for school staff and community members (including Indigenous rangers and partner organisations) to develop and implement a Two-way Science program. This defines clear roles for community, teachers, students and school leaders in working together to improve student educational outcomes.

A malleefowl feather found during on country activity.

Student at Areyonga School reads materials in Pitjantjatjara and English.

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