The overarching project goal is to provide supported pathways that improve the participation and achievement of Indigenous students in STEM subjects. The aspirational goal is to increase Indigenous representation in STEM-related professions.

The project has been designed with six integrated program elements that together reinforce and add value to each other to provide Indigenous students with a customised STEM pathway.

For example, a Year 10 Indigenous student who has been involved in I2S2 or PRIME Futures would receive, through their teachers, information and encouragement to apply for the ASSETS program and Indigenous STEM Awards. They will have been supported to develop the science and mathematics skills and self-confidence to believe that they are worthy contenders for such programs, and will receive teacher assistance with their nomination. Similarly, a Year 12 Indigenous student involved in the ASSETS mentoring and leadership program will be encouraged to go on to study tertiary STEM courses, including the BSc (Extended) at The University of Melbourne. Again, their involvement in a supported STEM program will have built their capabilities and self-belief to aspire to tertiary study, and will have put them in touch with mentors who can assist them with the transition.

The high-level project outcomes and associated quality of life indicators are listed below.

Outcomes Quality of Life Indicators for students
Improved integration of programs for Indigenous students moving through school and into STEM-related tertiary study or employment. Improved mental and emotional well-being through becoming aware of a future pathway.

Improved autonomy and decision-making relating to future careers.
Improved teacher, teacher assistant and student capacity in science and mathematics. Increased enjoyment, satisfaction and self-belief from feeling valued and understood as an Indigenous learner.
Increased number and improved achievement of students studying science and mathematics at school and university. Improved self-confidence and self-belief leading to better qualifications and wider employment options.
Indigenous school students recognised and rewarded for high achievement in STEM. Increased pride in Indigenous culture and identity leading to improved local community strength and spirit.

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