The rationale and meaning behind the distinct visual identity for the project is based on Indigenous culture and the journey of learning.


  • The circle in the middle with the ‘U’ shapes represents students gathering at a place of learning.
  • The crosshatch represents the different land/country from which the students come.
  • The wavy lines with dots represents each students journey, the ups and downs representing challenges and achievements.
  • The outer continuous circle represents oneness with the universe, the aspirations of the student, and the smooth path which comes from having achieved a desired level of education and learning.


A Journey of Learning.  © Ngarrindjeri, Jordan Lovegrove

A Journey of Learning: The students (‘U’ shapes) gather at a place of learning (centre dot). They come from many different lands/countries (cross hatches) and take their learnings back to their communities. While their journey is not always smooth (wavy lines) and they experience many challenges (downward wavy lines), they also experience many achievements (upward wavy lines). These achievements accumulate as they head towards their aspirations to achieve a smooth journey (outer circle) guided by knowledge and experience emanating from their learning place.

Artist: Jordan Lovegrove, Ngarrindjeri – Dreamtime Public Relations

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