Scientists and Mathematicians in Schools is a national volunteer program bringing real science, mathematics and ICT into the classroom through ongoing flexible partnerships between teachers (K-12) and scientists, mathematicians and ICT professionals.

Through SMiS partnerships, teachers and students engage with scientists, mathematicians and ICT professionals (STEM professionals) in their classroom. Together the partners share enthusiasm, expertise, and knowledge to enhance science, maths and ICT teaching practices.

[Music plays CSIRO logo and text appears: We asked CSIRO]

[Image changes to the camera panning over students and different parts of the Middle Harbour school grounds]

[Image changes to Carole addressing a group of students]

Carole Jaye: When I was first employed at Middle Harbour school my role was to lift the profile of science in the school.

[Image changes to Carole Jaye, Middle Harbour Public School]

We asked CSIRO to support us and help us as best they can. We were offered the opportunity to be part of the Scientist in Schools program, and it appealed to me because we'd be able to use a real scientist in our programs and I think it's very good for the children to be able to see that scientists are real people, they do not, necessarily, have long curly hair, glasses and wear a white lab coat, it makes it very real for kids.

[Images of children constructing different things from Lego like blocks flash on screen]

We feel very fortunate to be part of this relationship. I firmly believe that children need to be inspired and that love of science has to be instilled in them in the primary school years to ensure that they take a love of science and a love of learning about science into their adult life.

[Images of children conducting different experiments flash on screen]

The children just love science, we all have a passion, fortunately, we're able to share that passion. As an Australian community we are very lucky to have an organisation like CSIRO using their knowledge and financial input into the school system, into education, we are able to ensure that the students of today are the scientists and engineers of tomorrow.

[Music plays and CSIRO logo appears with the text: Big ideas start here]

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7 October, 2013

We asked CSIRO - Scientists and Mathematicians in Schools :  Find out how we're working with schools all around Australia to inspire children through scientific discovery.

Scientists and Mathematicians in Schools involves:

Scientists in Schools scientist and student on the beach shore looking through a piece of hand held equipment

CSIRO scientist helps run an ecosystem study as part of his annual Scientists in Schools visit  ©CSIRO, Lyn Airey

  • teachers (K-12) from schools across Australia
  • scientists, mathematicians, ICT professionals covering a broad range of disciplines across a variety of organisations
  • no fee to participate
  • support from an experienced SMiS team
  • partnership customisation to suit partners
  • ongoing commitment with a minimum requirement of one partnership activity per year
  • sharing with other participants at events or online.

Benefits of SMiS

  • Teaches critical thinking to students – a life skill beyond the classroom.
  • Supports the Australian Curriculum.
  • Scientists, mathematicians and ICT professionals reflect on their own work as they explain it to students.
  • Alerts students to career options in science, mathematics and ICT.

Thanks a million to the volunteering individuals

Interested? Here’s how to get involved

  1. Choose which element you prefer:
    • Scientists in Schools
    • Mathematicians in Schools
    • ICT in Schools – a partnership program.
  2. Register for the SMiS element you're interested in.

Once your registration is complete, our project officers find a suitable partner based on your preferences. Together you and your partner customise your partnership model.

Periodically, our SMiS team will check in, offering support to your partnership. 

Popular SMiS partnership models include:

  • presenting hands-on demonstrations
  • mentoring students
  • site visits or field trips
  • running a science fair
  • working on long-term projects
  • discussing careers and 'hot topics' in current research.

Please note: we are currently upgrading our registration system so there may be a slight delay in processing partnerships during this time. You will be informed once the new system is activated.

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