The STEM Professionals in Schools program partners teachers with STEM professionals to enhance STEM teaching practices and deliver engaging STEM education in Australian schools. STEM Professionals in Schools is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training.

[Music plays CSIRO logo and text appears: We asked CSIRO]

[Image changes to the camera panning over students and different parts of the Middle Harbour school grounds]

[Image changes to Carole addressing a group of students]

Carole Jaye: When I was first employed at Middle Harbour school my role was to lift the profile of science in the school.

[Image changes to Carole Jaye, Middle Harbour Public School]

We asked CSIRO to support us and help us as best they can. We were offered the opportunity to be part of the Scientist in Schools program, and it appealed to me because we'd be able to use a real scientist in our programs and I think it's very good for the children to be able to see that scientists are real people, they do not, necessarily, have long curly hair, glasses and wear a white lab coat, it makes it very real for kids.

[Images of children constructing different things from Lego like blocks flash on screen]

We feel very fortunate to be part of this relationship. I firmly believe that children need to be inspired and that love of science has to be instilled in them in the primary school years to ensure that they take a love of science and a love of learning about science into their adult life.

[Images of children conducting different experiments flash on screen]

The children just love science, we all have a passion, fortunately, we're able to share that passion. As an Australian community we are very lucky to have an organisation like CSIRO using their knowledge and financial input into the school system, into education, we are able to ensure that the students of today are the scientists and engineers of tomorrow.

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We asked CSIRO – STEM Professionals in Schools :  Find out how we're connecting industry with schools all around Australia to inspire teachers and students through scientific discovery.

About the program

STEM Professionals in Schools connects primary and secondary school teachers and STEM professionals with a broad range of expertise and experience to enhance STEM learning in Australian classrooms.

The program is Australia's leading STEM education volunteering program and provides an opportunity for business and individuals to contribute to the community through STEM education. It provides individual matching of partnerships for you, your school or business, supported by a national team.

5800 Partnerships and participation in STEM Professionals in Schools.


  • 5800+ partnerships since 2007


  • 1263 schools currently involved
  • 60K+ students involved per year

5800 Partnerships and participation in STEM Professionals in Schools.

Benefits of the program


  • A teacher professional learning program that improves teacher confidence and knowledge in STEM skills.
  • Increases student engagement and awareness of careers in STEM
  • Available for teachers in all schools and all year levels
  • Fosters connections with industry across a broad range of sectors and disciplines
  • Supports a long term vision for the integration and delivery of STEM education in the school
  • Exposure to real world STEM skills for teachers and students
  • Supported by a national framework and CSIRO local Project Officers in all capital cities, Newcastle and Townsville.


  • Increases confidence to teach STEM subjects
  • Inspires students to undertake STEM subjects and exposure to STEM careers
  • Supports the development of lesson plans that bring the Australian curriculum to life
  • Creates links with STEM organisations and industry for teaching and learning inspiration


  • Learning critical thinking in a school context with skills relevant beyond the classroom
  • Gaining direct access to a practicing STEM professional for career inspiration and opportunities
  • Learning the role and relevance of STEM in everyday life

STEM professionals

  • Provides STEM professionals with the opportunity to share their skills, experience and professional knowledge of their chosen STEM discipline
  • Contributes to the professional learning of today’s teachers by bringing STEM industry experiences of critical thinking and problem solving skills into the classroom
  • Opportunities to share their passion and be part of a program that inspires teachers and young people every day
  • Inspires students to consider a career in a STEM-related field
  • Alignment with corporate social responsibility and sustainability objectives
  • Opportunity to contribute to the community

Partnership models

  • Teacher professional learning
  • Mentoring and one-on-one tutoring
  • Site visits and field trips
  • Career talks and presentations
  • Hands-on demonstrations
  • Online engagement

A local project officer is available for support and advice throughout your partnership.

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