Applying for STEM Professionals in Schools is easy. You can register online using the ‘apply now’ button.

The link will take you to our Education Portal where you will be able to create an account, update your details and manage your application.

We appreciate your support of STEM Professionals in Schools and look forward to receiving your application soon!  ©CSIRO, Graham Denholm

Application details

When applying, consider your areas of interest, the sorts of activities you would like to do, and how often you'd like to do them. It would also be helpful to think about whether you are looking for a local partnership or if a long-distance partnership is preferable that involves online engagement rather than regular face-to-face time.

Child safety requirements

When you apply for STEM Professionals in Schools in the Education Portal, you will be asked to agree to comply with our Child Safe Procedure.

For STEM professionals, this includes obtaining a Working With Children/Vulnerable People Check (WWCC/VP) and a National Police Certificate (NPC). We can offer support for you to obtain these, and cover the costs of the checks.

Getting started: step-by-step

  1. Visit the Education Portal by clicking the Apply now button below.
  2. Sign up, and authenticate your account. Your email address is authenticated by either Microsoft or Google. You can use any email address you wish such as your work or personal email address, but please choose one you check regularly as our team will communicate with you via email.
  3. Complete your profile. The first time you log in, you will be asked to complete your profile, including entering your contact details. If any of your details change in the future, you can log-in and update your profile at any time. If you registered for the program using an email address that you do not check regularly for the authentication step, please be sure to change your email address within your profile information to one you do check.
  4. Complete your application for STEM Professionals in Schools. View our Education Programs and select STEM Professionals in Schools, followed by the Apply now button. Please complete all of the fields in the application form. Our team will use this information to assess your application and, if you are eligible, will send you an email to confirm your eligibility. You can check the progress of your application by logging in to the portal and make updates to your information as required.

We appreciate your support of STEM Professionals in Schools and look forward to receiving your application soon. If you have any questions, please contact us at

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