You and your organisation can help inspire Australia’s next generation of STEM leaders by partnering with us through STEM Professionals in Schools.

The CSIRO Australia 2030 report: Navigating our uncertain future indicates that over the next decade technology will experience the same amount of development as it did in the previous 100 years. In order to deliver a workforce with the STEM skills required for emerging industries, we need to start in schools to build teacher confidence in STEM to inspire students for the future and to build a science literate community.

Industry participation in STEM Professionals in Schools provides real-world, contemporary experiences for students and teachers to demonstrate the relevance, value and impact of STEM. STEM Professionals in Schools connects theory with real-life practice, inspiring and motivating teachers and students, while connecting industry with schools

STEM professionals volunteering in STEM Professionals in Schools report increased enthusiasm for their work and improved communication skills. It is also a valuable way for organisations to show students how STEM applies to the real world and can inspire them to consider STEM as a career path. In addition, it is a way of demonstrating the organisation’s commitment to community.

Program benefits

  • Having a direct impact on the advancement of STEM education in Australia
  • Promoting public understanding of STEM and providing real world examples of STEM in action to assist schools
  • Inspiring more students to consider STEM-related careers
  • Acting as industry mentors to support and potentially increase the future employment of students in STEM-related occupations
  • Alignment with corporate social responsibility and sustainability objectives.
  • Increasing brand awareness within the community

“It feels good knowing that I’m giving back to my community. I really enjoy promoting STEM as a career choice to students – in particular, providing a female role model so that a STEM career is considered as an option by the students in the school.”

— STEM Professional, STEM Professionals in Schools

STEM professionals - we need you!

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