Are you a teacher who is excited by current and cutting edge research? Are you curious about what our future might look like?

Teacher Hannah Fay working with researcher Karl Bunney

The Teacher Researcher in Partnership Program (TRiPP) provides secondary teachers the opportunity to experience innovative science as they undertake a short research project alongside a CSIRO researcher.

The program provides teachers with the opportunity to get hands-on experience in relevant and emerging science, technology and research, which can then be used to develop resources and inspiration for students in their classrooms.

Research projects could be offered in new technology platforms: material and food sciences, robotics, autonomous systems, sensing technologies, and their inter-connected applications within the natural environment.

During the experience, teachers will assist scientists with their research; enhance their STEM content knowledge; and post placement develop curriculum linked resources to be trialed in their own classroom and shared with other teachers.

Successful teachers will be required to

During research placement:

  • Teachers undertake a short research project with a CSIRO researcher (15-20 hours face-to-face time overall).

Post research placement teachers will be required to:

  • Write a unit of work which incorporates the research undertaken to share and use as part of their teaching program,
  • Share this unit of work through CSIRO Education platforms after it has been piloted in their class,
  • Present their TRiPP experience to colleagues at either their school, or local school cluster and/or other local event, and
  • Complete a written evaluation.

“I found it so valuable to see what our national research organisation is working on, and more importantly how they go about their research. I think it provides a really valuable link between industry and the classroom which helps students to better understand potential future pathways. I would even see similar projects with students being really beneficial.”

— Ben Rerden, Ambrose Treacy College, QLD

The Teacher Researcher in Partnership Program originated through a collaboration with the Active Integrated Matter (AIM) Future Science Platform and CSIRO Education and Outreach. AIM is one of CSIRO's eleven Future Science Platforms (FSPs) and its purpose is to undertake research into new materials and their future interactions within the digital world. The dedicated support and funding provided by AIM has enabled the program's development and growth since 2017, highlighting AIM's dedication to preparing our researchers of the future.

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