To celebrate 10 years since the Total Wellbeing Diet was first introduced a collection of over 400 accessible CSIRO recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner is now available in one volume.

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In 2005, CSIRO published the Total Wellbeing Diet, a nutritionally balanced and scientifically proven eating plan based on years of research into higher protein diets.

The book was an instant success, topping the sales charts and challenging popular titles including Harry Potter and The Da Vinci Code.

Since then, the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet books have sold over one million copies and the diet has established itself as Australia's favourite and most respected weight loss program.

To mark the 10 year anniversary of the first book, CSIRO and publishing partner Penguin Books Australia have released a compilation of more than 400 recipes with the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet Complete Recipe Collection.

“The launch of the first book really took us by surprise, it was incredibly popular and the feedback that we received from followers was astonishing,” co-author and research program director Professor Manny Noakes said.

“The Total Wellbeing Diet has proven itself as one CSIRO’s great success stories, an excellent example of translating scientific evidence into a program with real impact in the community.”

 According to Professor Noakes, there are several key factors that underpin the success of the program.

“The Total Wellbeing Diet is an eating pattern higher in protein for improved control of hunger, the recipes take into account portion control and balanced nutrition, with all food groups represented in the meal plans and an emphasis on low GI carbohydrates,” she said.

“It’s a structured eating pattern, involving regular meals and planned snacks, meal plans, shopping lists and recipes that all assist in achieving controlled eating.”

According to the most recent Australian Health Survey, 63 per cent of the Australian adult population is currently overweight or obese, with 28 per cent of these obese.

Projections suggest that by 2025 the prevalence of people who are overweight or obese will increase to over 70 per cent, with approximately one-third of the adult Australian population classified as obese, according to Obesity Australia.

The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet Complete Recipe Collection is available at all good bookstores and online. 

More details on the newest book are available at Penguin Books Australia and a full listing of all TWD books is available on our TWD books page

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