CSIRO tests building products to many Australian and International Standards in terms of their performance when exposed to fire. We do this testing in our laboratories in Melbourne and Sydney.

This statement has been issued in response to the Senate Economics References Committee inquiry into non-confirming building products.

CSIRO is aware of a Certificate of Assessment purportedly issued to F.R.T. Fire Retardant Technologies Pty Ltd in relation to testing of a sample of Firetard 120 treated western red cedar in accordance with Australian/New Zealand Standard 3837. This standard refers to a method of test for heat and smoke release rates for materials and products using an oxygen consumption calorimeter.

The certificate is dated 27 May 2004 and numbered 462.

CSIRO has no record of issuing such a certificate to F.R.T. Fire Retardant Technologies Pty Ltd or testing Firetard 120 treated western red cedar.

As such, we cannot confirm if this product meets that relevant standard or that it meets the definition of a fire-retardant-treated timber suitable for construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas. The Certificate of Assessment must not be relied on for verification of performance.

If you received a copy of the Certificate of Assessment issued to F.R.T. Fire Retardant Technologies Pty Ltd or have concerns about the use of Firetard 120 treated western red cedar, please contact Brett Roddy on Brett.Roddy@csiro.au.

To check a products’ certificate of assessment issued by CSIRO you can view certificates our customers have lodged with us on the FirePass website.

Please note that the Certificate of Assessment No. 462 issued by CSIRO to Hitchins Research Laboratories Pty. Ltd. is valid.

View the original CSIRO letter 11 July 2013 - Fabricated Fire Test Certificate [pdf · 1mb].

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