CSIRO is pleased to announce that after a competitive international search process, Dr Peter Mayfield has been appointed as Executive Director for Environment, Energy and Resources.

Dr Mayfield will lead CSIRO’s Environment, Energy and Resources (EER) Group which spans atmosphere and climate, biodiversity, land and water, solar and alternative energy, coal and gas production research.

CSIRO Chief Executive Dr Larry Marshall said CSIRO's world-class science can make industry and environment partners rather than competitors, which is vital to a sustainable future.

"Peter is an exemplar of Strategy 2020, leveraging excellent science to deliver real solutions to Australia's energy challenges, and it's great that the organisation can produce its own leaders from within to outperform strong global contenders."

 "CSIRO collaborates with governments, universities, industry and the community to develop innovative solutions to our biggest challenges, delivering triple bottom line benefits to Australia," Dr Marshall said.

"I'm confident that Peter and his team will continue to provide the expertise and strengthen the partnerships that will secure our prosperity and protect our environment into the future."

Dr Mayfield, a chemical engineer, has spent almost 25 years in research and development in industry and government sectors including extensive experience in research management over the breadth of the energy and resources domains.

Based in Newcastle, Dr Mayfield has overseen CSIRO research that spans developing technologies for more greenhouse effective ways to use fossil fuels such as coal, to the development and integration of renewable technologies such as solar and wind as well as finding more efficient ways to generate, distribute and use energy.

"I believe our mission is to provide the science and innovation required for Australia to sustainably and responsibly benefit from its significant energy, minerals, water and marine resources," Dr Mayfield said.

"CSIRO, through its mission directed multi-disciplinary team based approach has a unique capability and position in the Australian innovation system which needs to be fully leveraged through engaging industry and collaborating with researchers both nationally and internationally.

"Addressing the multi-dimensional national scale challenges that span and intersect the environment, energy and resources domains is key."

Prior to joining CSIRO's Energy Technology group in 2010, Dr Mayfield held several positions in BHP's technology areas.

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