CSIRO has released a technology roadmap to underpin growth in Australia’s $90 billion mining equipment, technology and services (METS) sector, urging companies to take action to unlock five key opportunities.

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Narrator: Australia’s Mining Equipment, Technology and Services or METS sector

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has an important role to play in the continued success of Australia’s mining industry. 

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The sector has built a global reputation for being innovative

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and has experienced significant growth over the last few decades.  However, continued success is not guaranteed. 

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Global mining megatrends are reshaping the sector’s future

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challenging the viability of conventional practices and technologies.  This is creating opportunities and risks

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which requires Australian METS companies to re-evaluate their role in this changing landscape. 

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Australian METS will need to address several questions

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to help shape decisions about the future of their businesses and to drive growth in the industry

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over the next 20 years.

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What opportunities and solutions should the Australian METS sector prioritise to remain internationally competitive? 

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What skills, collaborations, processes and business models will be needed to achieve sustained growth?

[Image changes to show images of a microscope, a laptop screen and a crane]

And what emerging science and technology capabilities and experiences can unlock new opportunities? 

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Drawing on our deep industry and business connections and the world class research expertise of our 5,000 science professionals,

[Image changes to show the Roadmap brochure and then the image shows the page turning]

we’ve developed a Roadmap that outlines five opportunities for the Australian METS sector to unlock future growth.  Download your copy today and lead the change.

[CSIRO logo and text appears: CSIRO Futures, Unlocking Australia’s future growth opportunities]

A Roadmap for unlocking future opportunities in Australia’s METS sector

The Mining Equipment, Technology and Services Roadmap highlights the vital role that the METS sector will play in the nation's innovation ecosystem in order to drive change to meet future global mining challenges and metal supplies.

It was developed in collaboration with the METS Ignited Industry Growth Centre, as well as government, industry and researchers.

"This roadmap is a great example of Strategy 2020's Customer First work, which aligns our science to Australia's needs," CSIRO Chief Executive Dr Larry Marshall said.

"In a sense we use science to anticipate the future and help us navigate to a better outcome.

"METS is an important Australian sector and a global leader, but it can't rely on past successes in a rapidly changing global landscape.

"The sector must continue to innovate and take advantage of enabling technologies and new business models which are causing disruption across industries."

The Roadmap identified five key growth opportunities to support the continued success of the METS sector, these are:

  • Data driven mining decisions
  • Social and environmental sustainability
  • Exploration under cover
  • Advanced extraction
  • Mining automation and robotics.

Underpinning the success of each of these opportunities is a raft of new technology developments, as well as critical changes to people, skills, culture, collaboration, processes and business models.  

In addition to this Roadmap, CSIRO has collaborated with METS Ignited on the METS Sector Competitiveness Plan – a complementary piece of work that outlines the strategic foundations for success over the next decade.

"Mining productivity is increasingly dependent on integrating specialist technologies such as real-time sensors, mineral analysers and complex data, and the METS sector is vital in shaping mining’s future," CSIRO Mineral Resources Director Jonathan Law said.

"Collaboration will be key to success, which is why we're working with METS and mining companies, as well as organisation such as METS Ignited and Austmine to develop and accelerate the commercialisation of new advanced technologies.

"Innovation is providing METS companies with competitive export opportunities, while delivering benefits to Australia's mining industry and the nation's economy."

The Mining Equipment Technology and Services Roadmap is the third in a series of Roadmaps being produced by CSIRO Futures, each aligned to the Federal Government's Industry Growth Centres.

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