CSIRO has a long history of working with partners in the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) World Heritage Area and its adjacent catchments, spanning the full continuum from inland to outer reef.

While the funding provided to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation (GBRF) is a matter for the Government, a collaborative approach to the GBR is absolutely critical and CSIRO remains committed to working with our partners and government to deliver science and novel technological solutions that will deliver material benefit to the GBR.

This includes a longstanding and productive working relationship with the GBRF where we have collaborated on a number of projects including eReefs, the Future Reef project that is tracking and monitoring ocean acidification along the length of the GBR; and the CONNIE reef connectivity and larval dispersal tool being used by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority in its crown-of-thorns control program.

CSIRO has recently seconded a senior scientist part time to the GBRF to provide additional support on the design and process of the investment strategy for Water Quality improvement, as well as providing expert advice to the GBRF transition team on the Reef Trust Partnership program.

This scientist also leads CSIRO's GBR research efforts, and the secondment allows him to provide the GBRF with CSIRO's scientific expertise and deep domain knowledge on a range of Reef matters.

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