Three CSIRO scientists were today elected as Fellows to the Australian Academy of Science, among the nation’s most distinguished scientists.

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They were elected by their peers for ground-breaking scientific research and contributions that have had clear impact.

The scientists were:

  • Dr Wenju Cai FAA – Climatologist 
  • Dr Cathy Foley FAA FTSE – Chief Scientist (Special Election)
  • Dr Jenny Stauber FAA FTSE – Ecotoxicologist

Dr Larry Marshall, Chief Executive of CSIRO offered congratulations and welcomed the new Fellows as a diverse set of role models crucial to the future of science and technology in Australia. 

"I am inspired every day by the people I have the privilege of working with, including ATSE fellows, AIP Fellows, AAS Fellows, Federation Fellows, and of course everyone who works for the national science agency. Our new fellows live CSIRO’s purpose of solving our greatest challenges with innovative science and technology," Dr Marshall said.

"We use our science to chart a more prosperous future for Australia, but we also use it to inspire the next generation of science leaders who will shape our world. I've worked closely with Wenju to create the Centre for Southern Hemisphere Oceans Research (CSHOR), Jenny to strengthen our environmental resilience, and Cathy since we did our PhDs together.

"At CSIRO we know that diversity is the compass to navigate innovation. I am inspired to see a diversity of gender and culture on the broader list of Fellows elected today, because you can't solve national challenges with only part of the nation. Well done to the Academy of Science, and well done to our national science agency, CSIRO, working together for team Australia."


Dr Wenju Cai FAA – Climatologist, CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere 

Wenju Cai is a world authority on climate variability, ocean dynamics, and ocean-atmosphere interactions. His work has revealed the links between climate change forcing factors and changes in the global ocean circulation, extreme climate and extreme weather including Australian drought and bushfires. His work had led to fundamental improvements in climate simulations and climate projections.

Dr Cathy Foley FAA FTSE – Chief Scientist, CSIRO (Special Election)

Cathy Foley has made outstanding contributions to Australian science through promoting and supporting science across the wider community, including as the first dedicated Chief Scientist of CSIRO. She has also made distinguished contributions to high-temperature superconductors, and to the development of field-deployable superconducting devices that locate valuable mineral deposits. 

Dr Jenny Stauber FAA FTSE – Ecotoxicologist, CSIRO Land and Water

Jenny Stauber is an international leader in ecotoxicology, particularly metal contaminants in aquatic environments. She has developed a range of new risk assessment protocols that are applied worldwide in research programs, industry and government, including the national water and sediment quality guidelines for environmental regulation in Australasia.

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