Phenomics tools offer non-destructive and high throughput methods to quantify crop performance in response to the environment.

The challenge

Non-destructive crop measurement

Crop yield is the product of complex dynamic processes occurring between genome, environment and management. However, little of this dynamic information is used in crop breeding programs to influence the performance of a particular genotype.

The challenge is to develop non-destructive methods that can be used on high numbers of genotypes in the field to quickly measure performance traits over time and inform selection decisions.

Agronomists and farmers also currently have to rely on demanding and destructive methods to measure crop performance and lack the tools to monitor crop performance in the field. Phenomics could provide some solutions for improving the efficiency of crop assessment at the farm scale.

Our response

Smart sensors

Phenomobile in fieldBy adopting a multidisciplinary approach we:

  • Develop modular plant phenotyping capabilities including controlled growth phenotyping systems, aerial imaging systems, mobile field vehicles and in-canopy sensors
  • Develop easy to use data visualisation and analytical capabilities that turn data into knowledge
  • Conduct research into application an use of phenotyping capabilities as a source of best practice and innovation
  • Integrate our capabilities and knowledge to provide scalable and responsive capabilities
  • Commercialise leading capabilities so that they are universally available to research and industry across the agricultural and horticultural sectors
  • Mobilise products and services through the CSIRO-node of the Australian Plant Phenomics Facility, a distributed network of national research infrastructure platforms that offer open access to state-of-the-art plant phenomics technologies, tools and expertise not available at this scale or breadth in the public sector anywhere else in the world.

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