Pastures from Space provides near real-time information tools at whole-of-farm and within-paddock levels to help Australian agricultural businesses make tactical and strategic decisions. The Pastures from Space website previously hosted by Landgate has been closed. We are currently re-invigorating the science and the website, which will be available soon at

Insufficient information means inefficient use of pasture

Pasture production and utilisation is a key profit driver in all the livestock grazing industries. The total amount of pasture produced determines the carrying capacity of grazing systems, and the amount, quality and rate of growth of pasture at a given time determines stocking rate or grazing days. Pasture productivity can also be a key determinant of environmental impacts such as reducing soil erosion.

Knowledge of seasonal trajectory of pasture availability, often in the context of previous years, can assist farmers and others through the supply chain to manage the riskiness of future production.

Pastures from Space uses satellites to estimate pasture growth. Photo: ESA/UKSA

Satellites helping to make the best use of available pasture

We developed the Pastures from Space program, in conjunction with the Department of Agriculture of Western Australia and the Western Australian Land Information Authority (Landgate), to provide near real-time information tools at whole-of-farm and within-paddock levels for Australian agricultural businesses.

Example Pastures from Space pasture growth rate image

Pastures from Space provides estimates of pasture production during the growing season using satellite data to accurately and quantitatively estimate pasture biomass, known as 'feed on offer'. When combined with climate and soil data it forecasts pasture growth rate estimates.

The technology was initially developed in Western Australia and has since been validated across Australia's southern and Mediterranean agricultural regions and New Zealand's dairy pastures.

New Pastures from Space available soon

The original Pastures from Space website hosted by Landgate has now closed. We're currently upgrading the program and the website's visuals and features.

The new version will be available at soon.

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