CSIRO’s food innovation centre has significant and extensive expertise, facilities, know-how and support in food and ingredient innovation for industry. Find out about our newest breakthrough food processing technologies.

CSIRO's shockwave unit - the first commercial-scale unit outside of Germany


Based on pressure pulses, shockwave disrupts the structure of foods, which can, for instance, tenderise low-value meat cuts. We have the only commercial-scale machine outside Germany.

Forward osmosis

A significantly more cost-effective and gentle concentration technology than evaporation. We have the only system in Australia for food processing.

Antenna microwave

CSIRO-patented technology that heats evenly, unlike conventional microwave systems.

Meals by Design Polish borscht, Indian lentil soup and Italian osso buco


CSIRO-patented technology that uses sound waves to extract more oil from oil processing.

High pressure thermal processing

We have invented a ground-breaking innovation that will allow industry to adopt this technology on a commercial scale using existing high pressure processing machines.

Extrusion porosification technology

In a food manufacturing plant

CSIRO's EPT plant - the world's first outside France

Energy efficient drying technology that retains more flavour and functionality in high value powdered foods, enabling creation of brand new food ingredients. We have the world’s first and only platform outside France.

CSEP (Continuous SEParation) technology

Simulated moving bed chromatography to recover proteins and other bioactives from co-product streams as functional ingredients.

Find out about our food innovation centre for industry.

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