Moira Mac’s has revolutionised the supermarket cooked meat section as the first company in Australia to use high pressure pasteurisation (HPP) for smallgoods processing.

The challenge

Growing demand for healthier foods

Moira Mac’s is a family-owned and operated small business, specialising in ready-to-eat poultry products.

Consumer demands have evolved since Dean and Moira Russell first established the company in 1983. In recent years, there has been a growing market for healthier, preservative-free foods that also taste good.

In response, Moira Mac’s adopted HPP, a cold pasteurisation technique that destroys harmful bacteria in food and extends the shelf-life without chemical preservatives or a high salt content. They were the first company of its kind in Australia to invest in HPP.

Our response

New technology leads to new products

“We examined some research data and discovered that CSIRO was miles ahead of anywhere else in terms of understanding HPP and its applications,” says Dean.

Dean and Moira brought our researchers on board to assess the safety, quality and shelf-life of existing as well as new concept HPP products that Moira Mac’s wanted to commercialise.

The results

Assuring the highest level of food safety

We were able to give Moira Mac’s a clearer understanding of the benefits and limitations of HPP products, as well as recommendations on how they could assure the highest level of food safety for their HPP products.

“CSIRO was able to highlight technical issues that would have been well beyond our capabilities and provide a scientific viewpoint that was essential for being objective towards our products.”

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