We are developing cleaner, more energy efficient processes for the conversion of agricultural raw materials into high-value ingredients for the food, nutraceutical, industrial chemical, polymer and advanced material sectors.

The challenge

Earth’s energy and food requirements into the future

With the world’s population growing and becoming more affluent, our energy and food requirements are also growing rapidly. Luckily, research is showing promising sources of both new and valuable products in food, animal, horticultural and other agricultural materials, co-products and waste streams.

Innovative food and bio-processing technologies can add value to these products which can not only create more income for the agricultural sector, but also contribute to the development of Australia’s new bio-economy.

Our response

Bioprocessing: boosting Australia’s bio economy

Bio-technologies enable efficient production of high-value food and feed ingredients, bioactives, industrial chemicals, biofuels and biomaterials. CSIRO are researching how industry can competitively, sustainably and efficiently process various agricultural feedstocks and biomass products, such as crop residues, into value added bio-based products.

Our expertise in separations, functional foods and bioactives, adding value to food waste streams and emerging food processing technologies will help establish new biorefineries and create new bio-based product supply chains across the food, nutraceutical, feed and chemical industry sectors.

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