People with health and wellbeing concerns can now eat healthier meals, with therapeutic benefits, using a world-first food preparation innovation that retains nutrition, taste and texture, thanks to CSIRO.

The problem

More than 1 billion people world-wide require dietary intervention for their health and well-being. Failure to stay on track because of lack of time, ability and motivation to prepare the right food - healthy foods - can be difficult to achieve.

There is a market gap for ready-to-eat, therapeutic meals that carry the endorsement of trusted diet programs, and indeed, ready-to-eat, healthy meals that are also delicious.

A solution

We have developed Meals by Design – premium, therapeutic meal solutions that cater to nutritional and functional needs, offering healthy convenience without compromise. Meals by Design will deliver a taste revolution in healthy, chilled convenience meals.

Meals by Design Polish borscht, Indian lentil soup and Italian osso buco

Australia's most successful diet

Concept products have been developed and tested using recipes from Australia’s most popular and successful weight management program, CSIRO's Total Wellbeing Diet, and the Impromy program. The scientifically proven Diet comprises hundreds of healthy meals, drawing from cuisines all over the world, including western and eastern style dishes.

Disruptive technology

The emerging technology, high pressure thermal processing, has helped make Meals by Design a reality. By applying high pressure (600 MPa) and mild heat (~90°C) simultaneously, we are able to create a microbiologically safe product using far less heat compared to conventional food preservation technologies. Our world-first, patented innovation preserves all the goodness, colour, texture and taste characteristics of a freshly prepared meal.

We have also invented a ground-breaking innovation that will allow industry to adopt this technology on a commercial scale using existing high pressure processing machines.

Our food innovation centre in Melbourne contains one of only a few pilot-scale, high pressure thermal processing vessels in the world.


We plan on rolling out a premium, chilled meals range to Australian and Asian consumers. We invite food and meal solution manufacturers, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs to discuss Meals by Design opportunities further.

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