We work with livestock farmers and allied industries to improve their productivity, profitability and sustainability through better livestock breeds and management practices.

The challenge

Increasing livestock efficiency, productivity and sustainability

The success and efficiency of Australia's multi-billion dollar livestock industries are built upon the quality and performance of their animals.

Farmers are continually striving to improve the productivity, meat and wool quality and reproductive quality of their herds.

However, the pressure is now really on farm businesses to even further improve efficiencies in water and nutrient use and environmental impacts, and demonstrate good animal welfare practices. All this with heightened volatility in markets, input costs and the climate, and complexity in the business operating environment.

Our response

Genetic improvements, new technologies and better livestock health and welfare

We're helping farmers improve future generations of their livestock, hence improving farm sustainability and productivity and the quality of livestock products such as meat and wool.

Building upon our extensive global leadership in understanding the genomes of cattle and sheep, we increase the rate and capture of genetic improvement in key economic and functional livestock traits.

For example, in beef production we are developing DNA-based methods that will allow producers to select breeding cattle whose offspring are more likely to have favourable characteristics such as high fertility or lack of horns.

We are also working on the development and application of new technologies with potential to improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of livestock production systems through enhanced measurement, monitoring, movement and management of animals and their environment.

Our eGrazor system, for example, measures pasture intake of cattle in real-time based on their behaviour using solar-powered, wifi-connected wearable sensors.

We’ve developed many practical tools to assist Australia's rural sector, such as vaccines, diagnostic tests, treatments and mineral supplements which all contribute to better health and welfare for Australia’s livestock. We are working to ensure that livestock production systems are managed through ethical and socially acceptable practices that reduce the incidence and level of diseases, stress and pain in farm animals.

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We partner with small and large companies, government and industry in Australia and around the world.

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