We provide calibration and validation infrastructure and services that make it possible for our international partners to maintain the quality of their satellite data.

Users of data from Earth observation satellites want to be confident their data is reliable, as it increasingly underpins reporting, assessment and decision-making on important global issues such as climate change and land degradation.

It's vital that data from different satellites, or data collected between dates by the same satellite, can be seamlessly used and accurately compared in order to make effective use of Earth observation data, maintain the scientific value of data archives, and meet stringent regulatory or legal constraints.

Maintaining satellite quality

Our strengths in satellite calibration and validation are widely recognised as some of the best in the world.

Over four decades, we have developed unique expertise in the application of Earth observation data as well the development of sensors and infrastructure used to calibrate sensors and validate data products.

We own, or co-own, and run approximately 80 per cent of the satellite calibration and validation infrastructure in Australia. This breadth and depth of knowledge is highly valued by our international partners.

For example, we are currently developing an autonomous calibration site at the Pinnacles Desert approximately 200km from Perth in Western Australia. We also manage the aquatic optical cal/val site at Lucinda Jetty in Queensland and the Tumburumba, NSW site that has multiple uses including spaceborne lidar, fluorescence and optical validation.

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