We're working with rural technology start-up Digital Agriculture Services to create an innovative new platform that delivers reliable, independent and robust farm data and analytics.

The Rural Intelligence Platform is the first ever software to comprehensively assess and monitor rural land anywhere in Australia, drawing on information from trusted data sources on productivity, water access, yield, land use, crop type, rainfall, drought impact and more.

Developed by CSIRO and rural technology start-up Digital Agriculture Services (DAS), the platform uses satellite imagery to track paddocks and their performance over time. Information from Australia's digital soil map is incorporated and climate information interpreted to show drought, frost, heat stress for livestock and other risks.

The Rural Intelligence Platform delivers reliable farm data and analytics.

The Rural Intelligence Platform analyses data from a range of sources using machine learning algorithms to make sense of the data with a clarity that wasn't possible before.

It incorporates an AI-initiated Automated Valuation Model that is capable of valuing rural properties instantly with up to 90 per cent accuracy. Previously this was only possible for residential properties, where there are a wide range of valuation and analytic tools for real estate.

DAS is already working closely with a number of leading companies to pilot the Rural Intelligence Platform, with some of the strongest uptake coming from the property, financial services and insurance sectors.

The market for digital agriculture in the Asia Pacific region is estimated to be worth $10-25 billion by 2028, fuelled by pressure to meet challenges from population growth and climate change.

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