CSIRO has expertise in a wide range of space-related activities, from developing high-precision lenses to using satellite data for monitoring our environment. How can we help your business?

Our Space Sciences and Technology team coordinates space-related activities across CSIRO. It also supports our involvement in national and international space forums, space education activities and industry development.

An artist's impression of the Ocean Surface Topography Mission/Jason-2 spacecraft in space.  ©NASA

Collaborating on space-related activities

In addition to radio astronomy and spacecraft tracking, we have a wide range of space-related expertise across CSIRO which includes:

  • exploring the transfer of space-related technologies to mining automation applications
  • assisting NASA to study the effects of space radiation on human DNA, and how diet might help to minimise the effects of high radiation
  • harnessing our wireless technology and sensor networking capabilities as a partner in the Global Sensor Network (formerly the Space-based National Wireless Sensor Network Project)
  • collaborating on NASA's Mars Exploration Rover mission, which landed the rovers Spirit and Opportunity on the surface of Mars
  • using our high-precision manufacturing capabilities in international projects including the NASA–German Aerospace Centre GRACE Follow-on Mission, the NASA–European Space Agency Solar Orbiter Mission and the USA-led Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory.

We also participate in national and international space forums, including the Australian Government Space Coordination Committee and the International Astronautical Federation, facilitate relationships with partners in the space domain, and support space education activities and industry development.

Observing Earth from space

We have diverse capabilities in using satellite-derived data to monitor and manage our environment. Our Earth observation-related activities are coordinated by the Earth Observation Informatics Future Science Platform.

Australian research relies heavily on Earth observation data provided by foreign satellites. In 2011 we undertook a national study into Earth observation data dependencies and continuity issues for the Australian research and development sector. The study, Continuity of Earth Observation Data for Australia: Research and Development Dependencies to 2020, was commissioned by the Space Policy Unit (now the Space Coordination Office) of the Australian Government's Department of Industry as input into the development of Australia’s Satellite Utilisation Policy (2013) and a national Earth observations from space infrastructure plan.

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