We have developed software that rapidly and accurately provides vital information on cells to aid drug discovery and biological research.

The challenge

Automating the study of cells

The study of cells, cytomics, reveals a lot of information about how cells work and how they are affected by disease.

Critical for drug discovery and development, this research involves describing and measuring an individual cells’ appearance under different conditions.

This process can take days when done manually, so researchers are seeking new technologies to automate the process and significantly reduce the time to get results.

Our response

A new software tool

We have developed an automated image analysis software package that rapidly and reproducibly measures and reports on important cell features for drug discovery. 

Our software called HCA-Vision creates two-dimensional (2D) microscopy images and is designed for:

  • researchers in biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies conducting target identification/validation, compound screening and pathway analytics
  • neuroscience researchers in universities, research institutes and hospitals.

HCA-Vision provides more objective, reliable and reproducible results than manual or semi-automated approaches.

The results

Fast and accurate results

HCA-Vision is being used by biomedical research institutes and pharmaceutical companies in Australia and overseas.

It is helping researchers find more effective, safer pharmaceuticals and better understand the mechanisms of disease.

There are several modules currently available to researchers and industry at a competitive price.

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