A key challenge for Australia is managing the devastating impacts that invasive alien species - including pests, weeds and diseases - inflict on our economy, environment, health and way of life. We deliver research-based solutions to reduce the impact they pose to Australia’s industries, biodiversity, ecosystem services and urban environments.

Mouse Management

We’re leading new research in mouse ecology, biology and management to provide Australia’s agricultural industries with better solutions to reduce the impacts of mice.

Biological Control of Weeds

Weeds pose a serious threat to Australia’s biodiversity, agriculture and, human health and well-being. To effectively manage weeds and reduce their impact, our scientists undertake research that underpins biological control (biocontrol) programs for the most problematic weeds.

Dung Beetles

In 2014 our researchers released French and Spanish spring-active Onthophagus vacca and Bubus bubalus dung beetles in Australia's latest effort to improve dung burial. Burying dung improves pasture productivity, sequesters carbon and controls buffalo and bush flies.

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