Backed by science, CSIRO diets and lifestyle programs are designed to help you eat healthier and live well.

Scientifically formulated diets to suit a range of needs

CSIRO diets and lifestyle programs are developed and delivered by our experienced team of research scientists and dietitians, often alongside other leading Australian organisations.

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Whether you want to lose weight, adopt a more nutritious diet, or cook healthier meals for you and your family, our range of books and programs can help.

Diet and recipe books

Our bestselling diet and recipe books feature easy-to-follow, evidence-based eating plans, exercise programs, nutritious recipes and guidance on healthy food choices – along with insight into the science behind them.

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Each of our bestselling diet books cater to different needs, and our ongoing research is dedicated to developing new and improved diets and recipes for all Australians.

Weight management programs

CSIRO’s weight management programs can help you attain and sustain a healthy weight and diet. They include:

How does your diet measure up? Complete the free CSIRO Healthy Diet Score survey to find out.

Dietary tools

We offer a range of free online tools designed to encourage healthier eating habits, including:

  • The VegEze App
    • An iOS-enabled mobile app to help you track, and boost, your vegetable intake.

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