We provide high quality microalgae 'starter' cultures and complementary technical advice to the aquaculture industry and for research, education and other industrial applications across Australia and overseas.

Supply service operation over the Christmas/New Year period

All domestic and international orders through ANASS are suspended from Monday Dec. 17th and will resume on Monday Jan. 7th. Season's greetings and best wishes to all for the New Year.

Cathy Johnston inspects a bottle of algae culture.

Microalgae supply service manager, Cathy Johnston.

We have supplied high quality microalgae ‘starter’ cultures and technical advice to industry, research and educational institutions in more than 65 countries since 1986.

We continue to be the major supplier of microalgae cultures to the Australian aquaculture industry, for which microalgae are the essential first foods for larval and juvenile animals.

All our cultures are grown under controlled-environment conditions in a purpose-built, Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) accredited algal culture facility.

Our microalgae culture supply

We supply:

  • cultures in 20 millilitre and 250 millilitre quantities
  • algal plate cultures for selected aquaculture strains
  • a selection of discounted strains available for educational purposes.

Available microalgae strains

We have a large selection of microalgae strains, including those from marine, estuarine and freshwater species capturing Australia’s unique microalgae biodiversity. We can supply commonly used aquaculture strains and toxin producing species. Selected strains are axenic (bacteria-free).

The ANACC Database provides basic information on available strains. It is hosted on a Filemaker Pro 13 Server platform. The current version was released October 2014 and is in Beta test mode. To access please visit the ANACC Database directory and select either CMARC Database (for microalgae strains) or CCLM Lipids (for ANACC Lipid file, which provides separate lipid profile information on selected strains).

Information on CSIRO coded strains no longer held or strains recently acquired and not data-based can be requested through the contact form below.

Our microalgae culture methods are also available online.

Use this service

Contact the Australian National Algae Supply Service for general information and a list of available strains.


Orders are dispatched via courier to ensure arrival in the best possible condition.

For general enquiries please contact Ros Watson (Cathy Johnston is on leave until 21 May 2018).

Ms Ros Watson (Research Support Officer - NATL COLLECTIONS & MARINE INFRASTRUCTURE)


  • +61362325268

CSIRO Hobart
Castray Esplanade ,
Battery Point Tas 7004

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