We set the standard for identifying and consistently labelling fishes and seafood to assist industry and consumers.

The challenge

Identifying fish species

The Australian fishing zone is the third largest in the world, supporting a diverse range of species utilised by our seafood industry.

Before the late 1990s, there were no standardised names for fishes and seafood. This made seafood identification, reporting and marketing difficult and prone to error.

Better identification tools were needed to assist with accurate and consistent naming and recording of species.

Our response

Setting the standard

Australian Seafood handbook - Domestic species. Editors: G.K Yearsley. P.R. Last and R.D. Ward

The Australian Seafood Handbook is a part of our series of identification guide books

Working with the fishing industry and fishery managers, we drew on the Australian National Fish Collection to develop standardised names for fishes and seafood.

We also developed a series of identification guide books, including:

  • Sharks and Rays of Australia
  • The Australian Seafood Handbook: an identification guide to domestic species
  • The Australian Seafood Handbook: an identification guide to imported species

More recently, we have focused on developing online reference tools with the most up-to-date information that are freely available to the public.

The results

Improving recognition and identification

These guides have improved the recognition, identification and consistent labelling of seafood for industry and consumers. 

It's also improved the accuracy and consistency of data collected for vital science and conservation management.

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