We're working with Australia's neighbouring countries in the Indian and Pacific oceans to develop more sustainable fisheries management and protect the region's biosecurity.

The challenge

Ensuring regional biosecurity

Australian and neighbouring waters including Indonesian and Papua New Guinean have some of the most diverse shark and ray fauna.

Shark and ray species reproduce relatively slowly and are extremely vulnerable to over-fishing, so ensuring sustainable fisheries management is critical to their future and biodiversity.

Our response

Developing tools for local fisheries

We are working with the Papua New Guinean (PNG) National Fisheries Authority to provide tools and training for local fisheries staff in how to manage the catchment of shark and rays more sustainably.

Will White with fisheries observers in Rabaul, Papua New Guinea, during a training workshop on shark data collection from longline fisheries in March 2014  ©W.White

The project aims to build local knowledge around fishery activities and their likely impacts to the quantity, health and supply of seafood.

This is just one example of the many projects we have lead in developing countries such as Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia.

The results

Economic and environmental sustainability

This project aims to ensure economic sustainability and intergenerational equity in PNG, while helping to conserve the cultural significance of fisheries. 

It will also help PNG meet its international conservation obligation and ensure biosecurity in the region.

These projects aim to improve the country's capacity to assess and manage its fisheries sustainably.

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