The relationships between plants and microorganisms can help us understand pathogen resistance, improve revegetation programs and investigate the structure of plant communities.

The challenge

Understanding impacts of plant pathogens

Plant pathogens can cause widespread damage to Australia’s native plants, as well as to important agricultural crops.

Interactions between native plants and single cell organisms (microbes) are important to generate and maintain the diversity of Australian vegetation.

Our response

Exploring interactions between plants and soil

We are investigating the interactions between plants, the soil and soil microorganisms to:

  • understand how plants and fungal pathogens evolve together
  • improve the success of revegetation programs to overcome issues such as dryland salinity
  • investigate how plant communities are structured and their long-term viability.

This work aims to help farmers overcome difficult soils to improve their crops and agricultural productivity.

It’s helping to build a more environmentally and economically sustainable agricultural industry for Australia.

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