The Australian National Insect Collection is used by the Australian and international researchers, industry, government and university students. It is growing by more than 100,000 specimens each year.

An active resource collection

The Australian National Insect Collection (ANIC) is a critical and authoritative resource for systematics, evolutionary biology, ecology, natural resource management, biosecurity and biogeography.

Each year, staff members conduct research in order to increase our understanding of the fauna, and manage and improve the curation levels in the collection.

As part of these activities, thousands of specimens are input into our database and digitised each year. These records are served through Online Zoological Collections of Australian Museums , the Atlas of Living Australia , and the Global Biodiversity Information Facility .

Significant funding for ANIC curation and research activities has been provided by:

  • Australian Biological Resources Study
  • Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
  • The Grains Research and Development Corporation
  • The United States National Science Foundation.

The Elwood and Hannah Zimmerman Research Fund Trust and the Schlinger Foundation have created endowments for ANIC that support research in weevils (Curculionoidea) and flies (Diptera) respectively.

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