Our archive of wildlife sound recordings is the most comprehensive library of its kind in Australia and is among the largest in the world.

Our wildlife sound archive is part of the Australian National Wildlife Collection (ANWC).

With a library of over 60 000 recordings, it the largest of its kind in Australia and among the largest in the world.

There are sound recordings dating back to the 1950s, providing useful information about animal behaviour and evolution, as well as insights into taxonomy.

Australian king parrot.

The sound archive covers:

  • birds
  • mammals
  • amphibians
  • invertebrates.

Most of the recordings are of Australian birds, but it also contains sounds from European, North American, South American and New Guinean wildlife. Listen to the sounds of Australia's elusive night parrot .

The sound archive is currently being turned into a digital database and is gradually being made available online through the Atlas of Living Australia .

Contributing to the wildlife sound archive

We have gratefully received numerous donations of high quality private collections of sound recording data sets, which have greatly contributed to the breadth of our archive.

Donating material to the wildlife sound archive ensures that recordings will be preserved and made accessible to benefit future wildlife research.

We welcome offers of high-quality sound recordings, including natural ambient recordings, of any type of animal.

Interested in helping us further this research?

We seek research collaborators with complementary skills so we can work together for stronger results.

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