The seedling and clonal seed orchards of Corymbia maculata located at Deniliquin and Corowa, New South Wales, Australia are a partnership between CSIRO and landowners of the area. They produce improved seed and serve as part of a base population for breeding.

Corymbia maculata seedling seed orchards

Located near Deniliquin, New South Wales, the CSIRO managed Corymbia maculata seedling seed orchards were established in 1995, in collaboration with Riverina Trees and local land owners.

Originally established as trials to test for superior provenances, families and individuals, they were measured and selectively thinned in 2000 and 2002 converting them to seedling seed orchards. Selection was based on an index containing stem volume, straightness and branch characteristics, leaving only the best trees for seed production.

The seedling seed orchards incorporate between 48 and 61 families of Corymbia maculata, sourced from the species’ natural distribution. The orchards are situated at an altitude between 90-100 m above sea level with an average precipitation of 410mm. Irrigation is used as required.

Each orchard was originally established as a randomized complete block design, with four replicates per orchard and family plots of five trees progressively thinned to one tree per plot by 2002.

Corymbia maculata clonal seed orchard

In 2002 and 2003 CSIRO and V.L. Carroll Pty Ltd jointly established, a clonal seed orchard near Corowa, New South Wales.

The clonal seed orchard is made up of 22 clones. Individual trees were selected from the established seedling seed orchards near Deniliquin. Scion material (a detached shoot or twig containing buds from a woody plant) was collected and grafted to produce about 510 trees that make up the orchard. The selection of suitable clones was based on an index containing stem volume, straightness and branch characteristics.

The clonal seed orchard is located less than 200m above sea level with an annual precipitation around 539 mm, plus irrigation as required. The orchard is planted in rows with individual clones planted in blocks of three to assist the pollination process. No identical clones are planted together assuring high out crossing rates.

Seed availability

High quality Corymbia maculata seed sourced from both the seedling and clonal seed orchards is available for purchase by customers within Australia and overseas.

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