Volunteers are vital to the success of the digitisation of the National Research Collections of Australia. We simply can’t do what we do without you!

Volunteering at the National Research Collections of Australia

The National Research Collections of Australia (NRCA) is dedicated to making its digital collections more visible and accessible online so that everyone can use and share them, now and in the future.

Do you have a unique passion for Australia’s biodiversity? - you can help us by becoming an NRCA digital volunteer today. You will be making a major difference to the NRCA, getting to view collection specimens and materials and expanding your knowledge of data curation and collection management.

Our digital volunteers do not require any prior knowledge of science or taxonomy. Acceptance into our volunteer program depends on successful application and interview. We have limited volunteer positions available, but encourage all interested people to apply.

Our Australian National Insect Collection (ANIC) also has volunteering opportunities, see our ANIC volunteer information.

Become a Virtual Volunteer!

Three of the NRCA biological collections are located in Canberra, where our volunteers digitise our collections. Not located in Canberra, that's not a worry as there are many organisations in the world which have digital collections and can use your expertise.

All it requires is that you have a computer and Internet connection and a little time. Most of these virtual volunteer positions are offered by museums or taxonomic collections and do not require any particular knowledge of the collection because you will basically just be transcribing label information. It’s easy, straightforward and doesn't require you to ever leave the house, but you will be making a major difference for these digital collections world-wide.

You could find yourself transcribing field diaries from the nineteenth century or transcribing specimen labels from our insect collection. To get involved visit DigiVol on the Atlas of Living Australia to become an online volunteer today.

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