Our suite of software tools can track important information on social media, in order to assist organisations in both the public and private sectors.

The challenge

Social media traffic can be overwhelming

Social media is a rich and valuable source of information about customer experiences, opinions and even emerging disasters.

It is a space where customers report their experiences, and being aware of these discussions can help governments and businesses tailor services to the needs of their customers. Social media can also give disaster managers and emergency response agencies real-time awareness of developing situations.

But with 13.5 million Facebook accounts and over 2.7 million Twitter accounts in Australia, monitoring and analysing posts can be very resource intensive. Often it can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Our response

Social media monitoring and analysis

We have developed a suite of software tools that support social media monitoring and analysis. These technologies draw on our skills in:

  • textual analysis
  • natural language processing
  • data mining
  • data visualisation
  • software development

We’re developing these tools further with input from innovators in the government sector. Government organisations (federal, state and local) are invited to use these advanced social media tools and work together with other leading organisations to benefit from social media.

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