We deliver research impact in coal logistics by improving the efficiency of material transfer, characterising the quality and distribution of the coal product, monitoring the environmental impact of coal storage and movement, optimising the control of haulage resources and reducing the impact of transport through infrastructure monitoring.

The challenge

Characterising coal

Australia's high quality coal is a great product, but like all coals it is highly variable in its characteristics. Maximising coal's value to the industry and nation requires that each product is accurately characterised (to optimise its market value) and that each shipment is efficiently managed (to ensure the product goes exactly where it should, with no dilution and minimised handling costs).

Our response

Technologies for improvement

CSIRO has developed technologies to improve both the characterisation and movement of the coal product, including:

  • Coal Grain Analysis (CGA) technology that characterises the coal at a microscopic level to provide critical information for the industry
  • coal rail transport inspection and monitoring (wagon load-out and unloading monitoring)
  • sensor technologies for monitoring materials or equipment (scanning radar, truck tyre x-ray inspection systems)
  • coal storage and shipment technologies (stockpile modelling, shiploading, conveyor monitoring).

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