Explore future electricity scenarios and see how choices impact Australia's electricity costs, technology mix and carbon emissions through to 2050.

The challenge

Understanding future energy options for Australia

A secure and affordable electricity supply is crucial for Australia to maintain a strong economy and preserve our collective quality of life. Our traditional model of supply revolves around centralised electricity generation from power stations running on fossil fuels, like coal and natural gas.

Graph generated by the eFuture tool

This model is changing rapidly as we integrate different energy sources into our national energy mix. Each choice of energy source and electricity generation technology we make has associated environmental, economic and social costs.

Understanding the pros and cons of different energy pathways is therefore very complex.

Our response

Modelling tool to help decision-makers

To help us understand some of the choices industry and governments face when planning for our energy future, we have developed the eFuture website a modelling tool that allows you to explore Australia’s energy future using a number of scenarios based on technology costs, electricity demand and fuel prices.

We asked important questions for Australia’s future energy mix, including:

  • Will the demand for electricity be high or low?
  • What is the fuel price?
  • Will the cost of energy technologies including solar, coal and geothermal be high or low?

The results

Our future energy mix includes numerous sources and new technologies

The tool allows people to use one of Australia’s leading energy modelling tools to experience first hand the energy scenarios and explore the choices we face and how they impact Australia’s electricity costs, technology mix and carbon emissions.

The eFuture website was commissioned by the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism to provide a demonstration of the energy scenarios used in the Energy White Paper, and coincided with its release in 2012.

The site was updated to encompass data used for the Australian Power Generation Technology Report in November 2015.

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