We've developed a new tool that allows people to control their electricity consumption- anywhere, anytime.

The challenge

Rising electricity costs

Rising power bills are an issue for households all over Australia.

Peak demand, caused by many people using electricity at the same time, has been a major driver in this increase, as more poles and wires have been required to meet this demand.

Our response

Taking remote control of your electricity

We've developed a tool that allows householders to keep real-time track of their electricity usage and remotely switch on and off appliances through their phones, tablets and computers.

Using an online interface – on a computer, smartphone or tablet – Eddy keeps track of electricity use, collects and analyses the data, and makes recommendations to help users save money.

Eddy, our unique energy management tool, has been commercialised by HabiDapt

It also allows users to remotely control major appliances that drive peak demand, such as air conditioners, hot water systems and pool pumps. 

The technology was developed at our energy centre in Newcastle, where scientists are working with some of the most sophisticated energy technology found anywhere in the world.

The system uses cloud-based software and mini smart meters that look just like the regular circuit breakers found in your meter box. The smart meters connect to the cloud via a small internet communication device in the house. Once connected, the appliances linked to the meters can be remotely controlled.

The results

Beating the peak

Eddy has been commercialised by Australian company HabiDapt and is currently being trialled in Perth and in conjunction with Ergon Energy in regional Queensland.

The unique energy management tool is simple to use and is unlocking lasting benefits for consumers. To reduce demand on the grid during peak periods, users can also take part in demand management programs offered by their energy company and receive rewards in return, such as discounts on their energy bill.

By viewing when their home is exporting excess energy to the grid, households with solar PV systems can save additional money by programming their system to run certain appliances when the sun is shining.

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