Simple changes to the way to use lighting, heating and cooling in your home can help you save energy. This guide provides some easy energy-saving tips.


  • Before you turn your heater on, make sure all the warm air stays inside by closing all the windows, doors and curtains. Check for draughts and dress for warmth – another layer of clothing could mean you don't need the heater up so high.
  • Check what level your thermostat on your heater is currently set to. Ideally you should set it at 20 degrees Celsius. If your heater doesn't have a thermostat then put a thermometer in your living room and keep an eye on the temperature that way.


  • Ceiling or pedestal fans can use a tenth of the cost of an air conditioner for the same room.
  • If you are using an air conditioner be sure to have it set between 24-25 degrees Celsius. Clean the filters regularly and make sure you close the windows and doors in the air-conditioned space, along with all curtains and blinds. Most importantly, turn off your air conditioner when you leave the house.


  • Do you really need to light an entire area if you are only using a small section of the room? Reduce energy and use a lamp where you can.
  • Turn off the lights in rooms you aren't using.
  • Choose a light globe with a lower wattage.

Insulating your home

  • Doors play a really important part in retaining the heat in your home. If you do notice a draught, consider making a 'door snake' or draught stopper.
  • Check for other areas where draughts can come through. Windows can be draught-proofed with insulation strips from a hardware store.
  • If you have unused pet doors consider sealing them. Any gaps within your home contribute to heat loss.
  • Uncovered windows account for up to 40 per cent of heat loss in the winter. Use heavy, lined curtains that fall below the window to keep warmth in.
  • Install pelmets on the top of your windows – they sit on top of your curtain rods and prevent cold air from getting in. A cheaper alternative is putting a heavy blanket or towel on top of your curtain rod.

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