Our state-of-the-art test facilities assess conventional air conditioning and new solar cooling techniques and technologies.

The challenge

Creating the perfect test environment


As the development of new cooling technologies grows, testing facilities which can evaluate units and systems against Australian standards, in tightly controlled conditions, are critical to the product development process.

Our response

New facility, new techniques

We have established a team of building energy experts and state-of-the-art test facilities to develop and assess conventional air conditioning and new solar cooling techniques and technologies.

Solar cooling expertise

Our solar cooling team has expertise in designing solar cooling systems, simulation modelling, prototype development and testing. Our research facilities are designed for the development and testing of conventional air-conditioning and solar cooling technologies.

Controlled Climate Test Facility

The Controlled Climate Test Facility (CCTF) tests a wide range of air conditioning equipment components, such as evaporative coolers, heat exchangers and desiccant wheels, under controlled conditions. Our test rig can produce two separate, conditioned air streams with precise temperature and humidity control (temperature range 0-90 ºC; relative humidity range 10-95 per cent). It is also fitted with precision gauges and metering probes to monitor all thermodynamic states.

National HVAC Performance Test Facility

Our National Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Performance Test Facility has been designed to undertake complete HVAC system testing. This facility has the flexibility to evaluate both conventional and innovative solar-powered air-conditioning technologies (up to 20kWthermal).

It has been designed to test the electrical, cooling and heating performance of air conditioners under rating conditions and under transient simulated global weather conditions, from 2°C to 45°C. Prototype and commercial products can be evaluated under a range of conditions.

The exterior of the facility is fitted with a range of solar thermal collectors to test sorption cooling technologies with different solar heat sources. The inside houses a balanced ambient calorimeter, which can be connected to the TRNSYS simulation package for hour-by-hour heat load analysis. We can test solar thermal systems under 'true' sun, while their performance is tested by the calorimeter under a range of simulated environments. 

The results

Australia's most comprehensive testing facilities

The facilities we have created, combined with our knowledge and expertise, has created Australia's most comprehensive testing and research facility spanning cooling, heating and climate.

The National HVAC Performance Test Facility, in particular, is Australia's leading HVAC test facility, able to evaluate prototypes and commercial products at rated conditions or across the full range of transient operating conditions.

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