Our SEIF research platform can showcase and evaluate energy use and storage solutions to lower energy emissions and costs for commercial businesses.

The challenge

Integrating stored energy into the commercial mix

Creating accurate and real energy data to assess how to integrate stored energy on a commercial-scale is essential for Australia's energy future. That's why we provide a platform to test real and existing technologies and hardware to reduce cost and emissions.

SEIF monitors energy use to maximise efficiency and cost savings

Our response

Efficient energy use in a real setting

Our state-of-the-art SEIF facility tests energy and storage hardware in a controlled environment so clients know how energy is being used to maximise savings of both cost and energy.

The CSIRO Energy Centre in Newcastle is a real example of how the SEIF can create efficient energy use in a commercial setting. Our platform captures onsite generation and provides tariff-driven energy management to minimise the building load on the grid during peak times. This means we can be as energy efficient as possible as we monitor how to use energy in the best possible way. This in turn creates significant savings to our running costs.

Technical specifications

  • Contains 900kWh of energy (in standard and advanced lead acid systems and lithium), which can provide 280kW of power to supply site loads, manage variable power or export to the grid
  • Operates in simultaneous multimode scenarios providing bulk energy charge and discharge including peak shaving and peak/off-peak time shifting.
  • Generates a fast response to transients for ramp rate control.
  • Features a modular design to enable changes in configuration and variable inputs for continued intelligent algorithm development.
  • Applications to forecast renewable intermittency mitigation and storage efficiency maximisation.
  • Lithium ion battery bank energy storage technology that:
    • generates/exports 132 kW of electrical power
    • stores 150 kWh of electrical energy
    • uses lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP) battery chemistry.

The results

Real changes. Real impacts. Real savings.

Our research facilities can carry out extensive testing to hardware-in-the loop (complex real-time systems) including shifting, smoothing and demand management of electrical bus loads connected to the grid. We can evaluate your own technologies and hardware in a controlled environment and create accurate data to meet your site servicing requirements.

Through consultancy, collaboration and strategic investment, SEIF can:

  • configure and simulate particular energy use for your commercial site
  • test particular hardware
  • estimate cost and energy savings
  • make better and real changes for your business.

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