A partnership to understand and map the way we use, produce and value electricity and energy services.

The challenge

Our energy use is evolving

Paul Graham, Chief Energy Economist presents the Roadmap

Australia's electricity landscape has huge potential for transformation as we move towards 2050, and the greatest changes will be defined by consumer choices. Australians could have unprecedented opportunity to tailor their electricity use and better meet their needs.

Our response

A partnership to better understand needs

We partnered with the peak national body representing gas distribution and electricity transmission and distribution businesses in Australia, Energy Networks Australia to develop the Electricity Network Transformation Roadmap (the Roadmap).

The Roadmap sets out a pathway for the transformation of the electricity network industry over the next decade, supporting better customer outcomes as the sector accommodates rapid adoption of new technologies.

Building on the Future Grid Forum in 2013, the Roadmap development process involved collaboration across the energy supply chain, including consumer representatives, service and technology providers, policy makers, regulators, and academia.

The results

The Roadmap process

In collaboration with Energy Networks Australia, we delivered a Roadmap Interim Report in November 2015 that shared early findings with the community. In December 2016, a Key Concepts Report was released. These milestone reports, in conjunction with a comprehensive engagement process, informed the final Roadmap (2017) that outlines steps and milestones required to develop our best possible energy future.


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