The Atlas of Living Australia, the Australian Citizen Science Association and CSIRO have worked together to produce the Citizen Science Bushfire Project Finder.

Important COVID-19 information

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we recommend that you only participate in projects that can be accessed from the safety of your own home. These projects can be found under the 'participate at home' filter on the project finder.

After serious bushfires, scientists are under the pump to produce research about the fires, and how the recovery process occurs. While they're working hard to produce important results, there's not a lot of spare time for them to get into the field and gather important data. That's where you can help.

How to help

You can do your part for bushfire recovery by jumping on to the new Citizen Science Bushfire Project Finder and getting involved in any of the projects listed. Projects span across biodiversity, land, air and water so there's something to suit everyone's interests.

By getting involved in a citizen science project, you will be making a big difference to bushfire recovery. The information, data, and resources you collect feeds straight back to the scientists for their current and future research. While researchers are busy working on bushfire recovery efforts, they don't have a lot of time to go into the field and collect the much-needed data.

Not in a bushfire affected area?

If your direct or surrounding area hasn't been affected by the bushfires, you can still get involved in the recovery efforts. The project finder features projects for people far and wide. Digital platforms, such as DigiVol, provide an online environment for curating images, videos and results uploaded by people who are in bushfire affected areas.

Using the tool

The Project Finder provides easy access to bushfire related projects. To use the tool simply:

  1. Visit the Citizen Science Bushfire Project Finder
  2. Browse the projects using the geographic filter to identify projects in your area, or filtering by the bushfire categories, type of science or government area.
  3. Get involved once you've found a project that interests you. Visit the project page for more information and register to get involved.
  4. Make a difference by collecting data and contributing to real research

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