Members of the Gulumoerrgin (Larrakia) language group, from the Darwin region in the Northern Territory, worked with CSIRO to create a calendar using their seasonal knowledge.

Gulumoerrgin (Larrakia) seasons calendar

Gulumoerrgin is the Indigenous language for Darwin and the surrounding regions of Cox Peninsula and Gunn Point in the Northern Territory1.

Members of the language group, Lorraine Williams, Judith Williams, Maureen Ogden, Keith Risk and Anne Risk, contributed to the development of the Gulumoerrgin (Larrakia) seasonal calendar.

The Gulumoerrgin seasonal year is divided into seven main seasons:

  • Balnba (rainy season)
  • Dalay (monsoon season)
  • Mayilema (speargrass, Magpie Goose egg and knock ‘em down season)
  • Damibila (Barramundi and bush fruit time)
  • Dinidjanggama (heavy dew time)
  • Gurrulwa (big wind time)
  • Dalirrgang (build-up).

The calendar was developed as part of the Tropical Rivers and Coastal Knowledge program.



  1. Lorraine Williams, Judith Williams, Maureen Ogden, Keith Risk, Anne Risk and Emma Woodward. 2012. Gulumoerrgin Seasons (calendar): Larrakia, Darwin - Northern Territory. CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences, Darwin, NT.

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